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Design for 3D printing experts

Small changes make big differences, LUGO G3 has the key technology making them easier. G3 has the widest printable material range in the world.


Efficient dual printing system
Advanced Dual Printing

Dual printing lets materials overcome their limits and be a piece of a combined unit. A rigid material, for instance, can combine with a flexible material and become part of a new integrated piece. Plus, oil-free motion pieces can join in a linear motion piece with no need for a bearing. You can make a much more diverse array of pieces with whatever combination of parts you need.


Efficient dual printing system
DCH Head

The DCH head is structured with two cone shaped nozzles. When the nozzle attaches to the block, the wide surface area enables fast heating. If the nozzle is replaced, the new nozzle prints at the exact same position. 


Efficient material management

For improved print quality and mechanical strength, effective filament management is crucial. G3 features an integrated filament dry system within its body, eliminating the need for separate dryers. With this system, you can easily dry any filament.

HEPA-Carbon filter

The high-efficiency H13 active carbon composite filter is even more effective at filtering harmful substances. No matter which material you’re printing, LUGO G3 filters the vast majority of precipitated gas.

자산 2.png

DCH Dual
190 x 165 x 180 / 15kg
457 x 370 x 532
12.5, 12.5ㅡ, 20 micron
up to 200mm/s
up to 20mm^3
G3 :  up to 285C / G3 HT : up to 400C
G3 :  up to 130C / G3 HT : up to 165C
Gauge assisted leveling
Spring dual plate (PEI side, Carbon side)
LUGO cura
Carbon + Hepa filter
1.75mm Filaments up to 285C / 400C

Printing Type
Printing Head
Build Volume(WxDxH)
Machine Size(WxDxH)
Positioning Resolution
moving Speed
Printhing Speed
Nozzle temperature
Bed temperature
Slicing Software
Filter type
Supported Materials

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

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