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Thank you for supporting!

We are doing our best to make the best machine for our supporters.

  •  2022.03

 Establish estimate of necessary parts manufacturing

  •  2022.05

Manufacturing of necessary parts

  •  2022.07

 Assembly and testing

  •  2022.09

Start shipping

LUGO G3: The Most Efficient
Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Small changes make big differences.
LUGO G3 has the key technology making them easier.

DCH Head

Purge Box

Fila Box

  • No dual calibration.

  • Easy & efficient maintenance.

  • Available for materials which have different melting temperature.

  • No need to build a wipe tower.

  • Save time for tool change.

  • Reduce risks for dual printing.

  • Keep filaments dry during printing.

  • Use low electricity. 

  • Capable for two filaments. 

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