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M3PD L1 Bone

From patient-specific medical applications to customized devices, education tools, and equipment.

Main Features

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High-speed printing

Up to 250mm/s for real printing speed

Tool free maintenance

Clogged nozzle,

Auto leveling

Perfect first layer

Foldable components

Space- efficient standing


With the specialized and folding structure, the utilization of the space is maximized.

When it is not used, it is possible to put with the LCD, bed and printing arms folded.

엔지니어링 툴

Super convenient
Self-maintenance control.

 The problem of the clogged nozzle is easily handled with the specialized print head.

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Printing arm

  • The stiff 12T carbon plate ( compared with aluminum )

  • When opened, you just fasten the fastner with hands without the tool.

  • When printed speedy, reliable printing is possible without shaking.

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  • Stable auto bed levelling.

  • Because of the toke hindge and strong magnet, it makes the place fixed and safe.

  • Not the common hindge but the toke hindge needs the correct placement is needed and makes less flexible.

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The noticeable speed!

Much more proficient and stable printing is possible with this foldinfg printer.

Max moving speed


Max printing speed


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The only developed engineering special material in Korea ; HPP+GF

Cooperated with the german fillament company

It is possible to print out not only PLA and other materials but also engineering specific material.
Engineering special material ‘HPP+CF’ has thermal resistance. ‘110~130C’. Its adhesive strength is strong and has flexibility which is very suitable for practical engineering material.

Unparalleled Klipper Function.


The most advanced desktop 3d printer firmware.


Different sizes to suit 
your work environment.


L1 Desk series


L1 Large series


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