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Material Replacement during Printing:

1. Press the [Pause] button on the screen during printing.

스크린샷 2023-03-21 161543.png

2. Raise the lever of the extruder, then remove the tube by pressing the fitting clip and remove the existing filament

스크린샷 2023-03-21 161648.png

3. Insert the new material to be replaced into the bottom tube of the filament box.

스크린샷 2023-03-21 161655.png

4. Push the material into the tube until it comes out of the tube end, then insert the tube and close the lever.

스크린샷 2023-03-21 161516.png

5. Rotate the feeding wheel downwards to confirm that the material is coming out of the nozzle, then the replacement process is complete.

스크린샷 2023-03-21 161536.png
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